TruLink Mobile App

TruLink Mobile approaches the solution by balancing the needs and requirements of the field teams while at the same time giving easy access to reports, zones management and dispatch.

Real-time Ticket Management system for Real-World Field Service ticket needs .

  • Improvement in productivity
  • Lower damages
  • More flexibility and control
  • Faster response time
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Field Techs have real time feedback
  • More confidence

Change the way you work locate tickets and transform your business with TruLink Mobile.

  • Make on-the-fly adjustments in ticket assignments.
  • Emergency ticket alerts delivered in real time for faster response.
  • Reduced IT involvement needed.
  • Tech not tethered to laptop
  • Utility customers use TruLink Mobile to monitor their contract locators on-time performance.
  • No separate camera and batteries lug around, lose or damage.
  • We train your staff, so the transition is a breeze.


  • Private Locating
  • 811 One Call dig tickets
  • Utilities and Municipalities
  • See all of your locate tickets on a map, live, all day. Dispatch tickets to locators in real time. Change automatic ticket assignments using one finger. Color coding makes priority tickets even more obvious.
  • Use our Contact page and let us know your special requirements in your private locating or 811 One Call dig ticket locating operation.

Call 913-530-6315 or email for a demo today.

The multiple levels of TruLink user access allows for a full range of functionality from field technician lead, dispatcher, supervisor, or office manager

The advantages of TruLink Mobile:

  • color-coded pinpoints
  • on-demand driving directions
  • constant due date information
  • the ability to sort by due date or proximity
  • ability to filter tickets by contractor, status, call date, members work required request type and ticket classification

The easy to read Dashboard provides detailed information that allows for crossing zones and teams to maximize productivity. Balancing the technicians work load is quick and easy.

Zone Management is as easy as tapping screen to create a polygon, saving the polygon and assigning it to a technician

Creating a custom ticket or private locate can be performed on an Android device

Reports are customizable and can be downloaded for easy access

Adding new users to your team is quick and simple

Map types are available at a touch in

  • normal - street maps
  • highbred - satellite with street names
  • satellite view

Post locate photos

Pictures are automatically uploaded and attached to ticket for easy reference from either your phone or tablet

Search functionality

TruLink mobile's search functions allow the user to search from individual ticket numbers ticket types users and even a state of the art polygon search that will show you any and all tickets within a drawn polygon for a set date range.

The TruLink Mobile App not only seamlessly and automatically ingests and distributes tickets received from the One Call System it also allows custom service tickets to be entered and assigned by an Android device

Currently TruLink Mobile operates on any android powered smartphone or tablet.